About Austin, Texas

Austin 1020 Downtown

Austin, Texas: The Live Music Capital of the World!

Austin, Texas is a college town and a state capital city. A place with the official chamber motto of “the live music capital of the world” and the unofficial local saying of “keep Austin weird.” Austin has great hotels, restaurants, nightlife and shopping. Two of the biggest annual music festivals in the nation are held in Austin every spring and fall. It’s a cosmopolitan city with a down home feel and a great place to visit and live. We encourage visitors to stay a bit and enjoy all of Austin!

Austin loves outdoor activities and Zilker Park in the middle of the city, is a popular work out and gathering area. The region is known as the hill country and sits in a lush greenbelt. There is much more water than might be imagined and popular swimming holes abound. The very cool Lady Bird Lake in the heart of downtown (actually dammed up Colorado River) is ringed by a wide path and thousands of runners, walkers and cyclists use it every week. On a good spring day the lake is full of kayaks, paddleboards and boaters of all kinds. Austin’s running and fitness community is as strong as it’s great music tradition!

Austin 1020 Austin-Killer-Park

Early April is a great time to visit Austin with the average low being 57 degrees Fahrenheit and getting up to 78 degrees mid afternoon. The Austin 10/20 comes after the winter season and before the Texas summer heat.

For further reading on Austin check out austintexas.org.