Participant Feedback

Read what some of our runners/walkers have said about the Austin 10/20! If you participated in the past and have feedback or suggestions for us please send an email to or post a review on our YELP page. We always love hearing from our runners!

2016 Austin 10/20 Participant Feedback

I have to say that I really enjoyed the race. I thought the set up was perfect. Plenty of port a potties and lots of water spots. The route was great. Thank you for having the cold towels (perfection). The volunteers (Loved the Without Regrets group), they were so encouraging. The shirt was good quality and most important…the Bling was beautiful. My husband and I will definitely make this a annual event.
– Kimberly Lewis Millner, Participant

Fantastic event and EVEN BETTER location! The Domain area was fabulous, course was flat, was just perfect! Any idea on if it’ll return there in 2017 and/or have a set date as of yet? Thank you!
– Stephanie Foye Doherty, Participant

Incredible race!! All the bands were great! The course was great! And for me it will be a memory I cherish! I ran with my 11 year old son who trained and accomplished his goal of running the entire 10 miles without stopping!! I’m so proud!! Thank you for helping us have a lifelong memory!! We will be running this every year for sure!!
– Kristen Murdock, Participant

Thanks for making the 5th Austin 10/20 the best run yet. Legacy Runners Rule! Will be back next year.
– Deb Schmidt Lynch, Participant

Been ready forever! So excited it’s finally here! Awesome shirt, medal and I love my legacy medal holder! Y’all know how to pamper runners!
– Cheryl Shoemaker Kibbe, Participant

I want to thank you on behalf of Ainsley’s Angels of America in Central Texas for allowing us to attend the Austin 10/20 again this year. We had four Texas Ainsley’s Angels chapters present. Many of these individuals participated in the past and look forward to it every year. For me personally, this was my first time to attend and I see why they wish to continue to do so. The race staff was extremely kind and supportive, our location at the finish line to spend time with one another was perfect, and the race itself was fun!! We look forward to continuing our partnership with you for many years to come. Thank you again for allowing us to attend and spread the joy of inclusion.
– Cassey Allen, Ainsley’s Angels Ambassador and Participant

My favorite part of the race (besides the music) were the cold wash cloths. What a great thing. So cold and refreshing!
– Sara Kaiser, Participant

2016 is the second year I was in the Austin 10/20, and I love this race so much I now wish I had been in it for all 5 years.
– William Greer, Participant

I am super impressed by your commitment to your race participants…those who ran and even those that didn’t get to. I signed up and trained for the race, but I had a death in the family the week of the race, so was unable to participate. I was pleasantly surprised to find my race packet in the mail today. Thank you Austin 10/20 for being the great race that you are! Lookin forward to your future races!
– Rachel Davis, Participant

The course was awesome & @run1020 (Austin 10/20) really knows how to put together the perfect race! Loved the medal, the free beer, the Mile Markers. We agreed we’d do this race again.
– Dayna Mendez, Participant

2015 Austin 10/20 Participant Feedback

Kudos to the RD… modifications to the race course were spot on. Weather cooperated. Photo finish. Music was full throttle. What more could you want?!
– Susan Carine, Participant

It was the best so far. I loved the new course. The bands were great. Black Pistol Fire was better than I imagined. I’ve had a perfect Sunday. Thank you.
– Sonia Greer Limon, Participant

Using the bands as markers is great. Each band gets you 1/2 a mile closer. Black Pistol Fire ROCKED!
– Dane Boyle, Participant

Loved everything about it! Great booths at the expo, cute T-shirts and medals, enjoyed the new route, and all the bands ROCKED, especially the headliner! Black Pistol Fire was off-the-chain!
– Brandy Villareal, Participant

Thank you for every detail on this race. The organizers did a fantastic job! Live music was amazing and the bling was awesome. Bananas were very yummy too. Very well organize!
– Mari Noga, Participant

Best part – large amount of porta potties all along the route. The cold beer at the end. Least favorite – why was there always a headwind no matter what direction you were running??? Just kidding. It was a blast and I improved my time by 17 minutes from last year.
– Kim Blake, Participant

My first 10/20. Will definitely be a traditional run from now on. Loved everything about it. Especially real Gatorade not powder mixed.
– Edna DE Leon, Participant

2014 Austin 10/20 Participant Feedback

Quality run put on by attention to detail professionals. Appreciate your efforts to make this a comprehensive event: certified course, stocked aid stations, attractive tech-T, support for elite athletes, beautiful medal and awesome headliner band. Keep up the great work team 10/20!!
– Liza Hunter-Galvan, Participant

Hubby and I…proud finishers. We are not Austin 10/20 rookies! This is our 3rd year and we will keep choosing this race. It’s always our fav!!! Thanks for another memorable race!
– Lupe Melendez, Participant

Had a good time with a great group of people from the Beaumont area, Mid County Run Club, Golden Triangle Strutters and Sea Rim Striders.
– Garry Morrison, Participant

What fun…the bands were playing the best songs as we ran by! We couldn’t decide which we liked more…post race hydration or the cool finisher’s medals
– Lisa Effren, Participant

One of the best races I’ve ever done. Not on a personal level, but the event itself
So what’s the date for 2015?
– Kerri Walls, Participant

Thanks for having us Austin 10/20 Race! It was a great time. You guys seriously rock! #austin10/20race #swag #weloveyouall!
– Shadow of Whales, Course Band

First and foremost, what a GREAT EVENT! My wife and I traveled from Cleveland, Ohio to help celebrate your 3rd running and I could not think of a thing I would change.
– Tim Erwin, Participant

Thank you all for a great race! Volunteers rocked it! Loved the cold towels, plenty of refreshments at the end! Had a great time!
– Caryl Dimmare, Participant

Well organized race! Flat and fast course and the bands were awesome! Thank you to all the volunteers and congrats to my fellow racers! Oh and the medals were cool too
– Mark Berman, Participant

Awesome race! Thank you! We all traveled from Atlanta (and were a Fleet Feet running group)…so much fun! LOVED the little boy (1st band) who played!
– Eloise Lamons, Participant

I travel from Dallas to run this race every year, and I have more fun each time. I even got my hockey teammate to join me this year and he had a blast too. The bands along the course were outstanding, especially enjoyed Griffing Tucker, Shadow of Whales, Seek Irony, Rainchild, Blue Diamonds and The Cover Letter.
– Kevin Wang, Participant

First timer here; really a great race venue, loved the towels at the six mile mark. Bands were awesome as were volunteers. Looking forward to next year.
– Jon Sabo, Participant

Thank ya’ll very much for letting us compete in the Austin 10/20 yesterday. Everyone had such a great time and all of our captains agreed that this was one of the best races they have done so far. We can’t wait to race again next year!
– Stephanie Steele, Participant and President of Ainsley’s Angels

2013 Austin 10/20 Participant Feedback

Very well organized race. The volunteers, police, and announcer did a stellar job. I drove in from Galveston for this race. I will definitely be here next year! Keep up the great work!
– Alberto Medellin, Participant

Thoroughly enjoyed the entire race experience from packet pick up, the awesome route, and the after party. Already have other runners interested in doing the race next year! Great job to all involved!
– Paula Floeck III, Participant

Hats off to the 2013 Austin 10/20!! Best race of 2013 overall. Beats the heck out of overpriced Rock “n Roll hands down. I mean where else can you get a cool towel halfway through and at the finish line!! “I’LL BE BACK”!!
– John Kennerson, Participant

This was my first 10 mile race! Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers, coaches and police officers along the way that helped cheered the runners on. Amazing experience with an amazing group of people!
– Nikki Richards, Participant

I have run a lot of races from 1 mile to 26.1 and I can honestly say this was one of the best that I have ever run. It was the perfect race for my wife to start on her long distance racing. Well designed start, great course, water and All Sport everywhere, cold towels in the middle, not too many turns, great bands, etc. etc. etc. Great job!!! We will be back!
– Randy Shipp, Participant

Loved the course this year! Definitely an improvement over last year! Thanks for a great run!!
– Alexis Balko, Participant

Terrific event! Last year, it was my first race; now it will be my annual race. Thanks for a great morning!
– Melissa Ciano Ellis, Participant

Came in from New Mexico to do this race and it was well worth it! Organizers did a great job and runners were all smiles!
– Lori Basilio, Participant

Thank you for the opportunity to come out and Rock and Roll!!! We had an absolute blast!!!! Ducado Vega and Zenya Vi say Thank you!- One of our best shows ever!!!! YOU ROCK!
– Ducado Vega, Course Band

I have run both years and it has been great!! This year, 2013 was better! The course was better and facilities and such at the end were wayyyy better on the grassy area than in the parking lot.
– Dawn Skonieczny, Participant

Second year running the race it freaking ROCKED! I’m doing it next year making it a tradition.
– Deborah Deleon Olson, Participant

Fantastic race this morning. It was a first class running experience. Thanks – I’ll be back next year!
– Araceli Santos, Participant

2012 Austin 10/20 Participant Feedback

A NEW TRADITION IS BORN !! Awesome event, great organization & support crews, excellent post race – one of the distance seasons best !! Great job on the vision and execution for something that fits Austin perfectly. THANKS.
Kurt Wheeler, Participant

Incredible race this morning. I was beyond impressed with how everything came together logistically, especially for an inaugural race. Bands were great, volunteers were plentiful, tons of water stops to keep us hydrated, cool towels during the race AND at the finish, awesome presence on FB keeping everyone updated – the list goes on. I’ve run races that have been put on for years and couldn’t come close to the race you delivered this morning. I will 100% be back next year. THANK YOU!!
Melissa Carlson, Participant

I just wanted to say congratulations and thank you!  The race was great.  Our participants were very happy. They had only good things to say and one even told me specifically how well thought out it was and what a great job you did with everything. Definitely count us in for next year and let us know if you decide to work on any other races.
Tara Ballard, CEO of Without Regrets Foundation

I have managed the logistics for multiple local events for TNT, and that was definitely the smoothest and best race relationship I have ever enjoyed. THANK YOU so much for that – I can’t wait to do it again!
Lexi Read, Team In Training Manager

From what I saw, I thought it was one of the best organized races I’ve ever been to. Good course support, good bands (and every half mile as promised). I loved how the concert was at the end so everyone got to see it. The only thing I heard is something that people always complain about, and that is the course was less than beautiful on the industrial sections. However I take this with a grain of salt because the more beautiful parts are very hilly and then the hills would cause complaints. Overall an absolutely excellent job.
Team in Training Coach, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Y’all put on a great race, and if my schedule allows it, I’ll be traveling from VA again next year to run in it again!
Samantha Mahler, Participant

It was a perfect day for the race!! Very well organized, easy parking at IBM, loved the music, and LOVED the medals!! My husband and I are hoping to be a part of every 10/20 🙂
Michelle Comsudi, Participant

Thank you Austin, Austin 10/20, bands, volunteers, cheer groups, police, EMS….Great Inaugural Race….by far the coolest medal. I’m adding to my marathon bling collection!
Bobee Diekens, Participant

Thank you for a good time Austin 10/20. Thank you volunteers for your hard work especially after race gear check. One guy looked like he just finished the race and was helping out. Only suggestion multiple lines for beer & food. Never got mine. Other then that great course. Humidity wasn’t fun but that wasn’t your fault. Looking forward to adding this race to my list for the future.
Arturo Mejia, Participant

I wanted to find out if you will be sending out a request for feedback from participants. I wanted to make sure there would be a chance for me to go into details about all the things that I thought were fantastic about this event.
Mike Lannan, Participant

Michelle will not stop talking about the next 1020 and where it will be! She is super excited about the next Austin 1020 but also cannot wait to plan our vacation for the next one. Can we look forward to the announcement soon?! Thanks, you all put on the best race!!!
-Michael Conley, Participant

What an awesome time the hubby and I had! The race was very well organized. The bands Rocked and we stood in the rain and heard Ever Clear play the whole time.  Congratulations on a successful event.  We got plenty of perks! We loved the stations that you setup to print out your time! First time ever we see this at an event, WOW! And a first time ever that we get a medal so big and expensive looking!  which I proudly display…. EVERYONE is constantly complimenting the medal and they all want to know WHAT RACE WAS THIS?!!? I just signed up a 2nd time with Austin 10/20! I can’t wait. Keep up the great work you guys rock!!!!
-Lupe Melendez, Participant